Thanks to our 2022 Polar Plunge Ambassadors for making GMCG’s 4th Annual Polar Plunge a success!

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Or send a check to GMCG noted “Polar Plunge” to PO Box 95 Effingham, NH.

The annual Polar Plunge supports:
Youth science programs for local schools on home water testing; the life cycle of Eastern Brook Trout; and macroinvertebrates

Nature Story & Discovery Time weekly series for families and young children

Regional Interstate Volunteers for the Ecosystems and Rivers of Saco (RIVERS) water quality monitory program

“Wonders of Water” community art exhibition

Saco River Stream Crossings Assessment Project to help improve aquatic organism passage and prevent flooding

Advocacy of Best land management and septic system practices to protect water quality

A new interpretive trail at the 41-acre GMCG Natural Area

Microplastic research of local lakes and drinking water

Less Plastic Initiative for local schools and communities

“Salt Responsibly” initiative to promote reductions in winter road salt use


The following video and pictures are from the 1st Annual Polar Plunge on April 1st, 2019 at GMCG with staff Moselle Spiller, Tara Schroeder and former Executive Director Blair Folts.