Published On: August 20th, 2017

Monday Memories 

Post 13,  July 31, 2017

 Hello All:

As GMCG moved into 2000—a new decade and new millennium—more and more advocacy challenges presented themselves as well as several new programs.  

Partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension brought the completion of the new GIS natural resource maps of all of the Watershed Towns.  Presentations and workshops were held in each town to teach planning board members how to read and use the new GIS maps and plan for growth in their town in a way that also provided for natural resource conservation.

Several new programs also began in 2000.  GMCG Board members began a conversation about creating our first conservation easement on 400 acres of forested land in Wonalancet on Mount Katherine.

Mount Katherine looking towards Steele Farm Wonalancet

From the summit of Mount Katherine one looks down onto Steele Farm in Wonalancet and Mt. Chocorua in the distance.

 The advocacy over protecting land from becoming a regional transfer station ended up with GMCG owning its first parcel of land—named Green Mountain Natural Area as it sits at the base of Green Mountain.  In honor of that campaign, Lakeview Neurorehabilitation hosted a barbecue. Charles and Particia Watts came and lead a tour to the cupola on the main barn which used to be their family farm.  Charlie even pointed out his signature up on the wooden ceiling in the cupola.

Lakeview land celebration guests Oct 2000 (2)

October Celebration or GMCG’s first acquisition of land, the Green Mountain Natural Area, took place at Lakeview on Green Mountain. Charlie Watts (left), Lakeview Director, Mary Lee Allison, Patricia Watts and un-remembered guest (right).


GMCG Board members were able to reflect on the accomplishments set forth in that first strategic plan that said we would hold our first conservation easement and fee land by 2000 and 2001. Both of which happened.

GMCG also began our first dialogue with Saco River Corridor Commission in Cornish, Maine, about creating a regional water quality monitoring program that would possibly include 27 towns, two states and one watershed and would share one QAPP—an EPA approved document, Quality Assurance Project Plan—more to come…….

And we partnered with other downstream neighbors—Friends of the Leavitt Plantation— to help conserve the nearly 9000 acres of forested land in Parsonsfield, Maine which became the Leavitt Plantation.

Leavitt Plantation Land 2000

Leavitt Plantation Forest is on the border of New Hampshire and Maine.  It is nearly 9000 acres and is managed for sustainable forestry.  Though privately held, it remains open to public use.

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Blair Folts, GMCG Executive Director

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