EPA approves $100,000 grant to improve Danforth Pond water quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a $100,000 grant submitted by GMCG and the Friends of the Danforth Ponds to follow through on recommended measures from the 2018 Ossipee Lake Watershed Management Plan. The two-year project will be conducted under the auspices of the New Hampsire Department of Environmental Services. The project’s official launch is anticipated to occur this summer, pending final funding appropriation and approval by the State of NH.
“GMCG looks forward to working with the Friends of the Danforth Ponds to achieve reductions in the nutrient loading that has, unfortunately, led to Danforth Pond ranking among New Hampshire’s more impaired surface waters,” noted GMCG Executive Director Matt Howe. “We could not have won EPA approval without their initiative and leadership moving this project forward.”

The Friends of the Danforth Ponds is led by shorefront property owners Frank and Kathy Lalumiere and Bruce Howlett. The Town of Freedom and Danforth Bay Campground have made substantial commitments of in-kind resources to help complete major BMP (“Best Management Practices”) installations on Ossipee Lake Road and at Danforth Bay Campground. The grant also includes funding to install several small-scale BMPs on private properties that will help demonstrate the simple and affordable steps that all property owners can take to mitigate erosion.
“When a lake is in trouble, everyone with shorefront property should assess the ways that stormwater can be better managed and directed away from the lake,” stated Howe.

The project also includes actions to enhance septic adequacy, maintenance and operational practices around the Danforth Ponds. The project team encourages all upper, middle and lower Danforth Pond shorefront property owners to participate in the septic system inspection and pump out programs that will be made available to ensure that the systems are functioning correctly and to assist maintenance. In the event any systems are identified to be in a state of failure, the grant includes a provision for assistance with septic system replacement for eligible property owners.

“The combination of installations of BMPs on Town of Freedom, Danforth Bay Campground, and residential properties along with assistance to septic systems makes this an ambitious project,” observed Bruce Howlett. “We welcome the involvement of everyone in the Danforth Pond community, and especially want to hear from those
who would like to join the project team. The more volunteers we have, the more we can do to improve our water quality.” To contact the Friends of the Danforth Ponds, write to friendsofdanforth@gmail.com.

View the GMCG – Danforth Ponds Pre-Proposal to NHDES 9-16-22