photo credit: Emilie Talpin

GMCG Advocacy for Natural Resource Protection

Since Green Mountain Conservation Group’s inception in 1997, we have been committed to non-confrontational activism. Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of our natural resources and to encourage planning for our regional growth and development based on protection of these resources. Certain development is not appropriate in certain areas.

In order to further our education and advocacy mission GMCG hosts forums on important local issues making sure to present all sides of an issue. It has been our goal to present both sides of issues thus trusting that informed citizens will make decisions based on sound science not emotions.

One of the ways we meet our advocacy mission is to host annual forums on pertinent issues.

We attribute some of our success to our:

  • Connection to other non-profit organizations in both NH and ME
  • Connection to state organizations in New Hampshire
  • Understanding of how to navigate through the permit process
  • Ability to promote non-confrontational advocacy
  • Track record of being fair and neutral
  • Understanding that the aquifer transcends political boundaries
  • Mission to focus on sound science not emotions
  • Ability to connect citizens with sound science to back site-specific issues.

GMCG’s advocacy goal is to encourage individual and small group activism on resource protection and conservation issues, based on common sense non-confrontational approaches to resolving problems. GMCG’s guiding principle throughout its education and activism work is to present objective information in neutral formats with the belief that informed citizens will make good judgments about our unique watershed resources.