Protecting Natural Resources in the Ossipee Watershed Since 1997

GMCG Land Conservation

Wonalancet FarmGMCG has conserved over 2000 acres of land in the Ossipee Watershed through conservation easements or fee ownership. These lands support local agriculture, wildlife, forestry, scenic vistas, and water resources.


In 2001, GMCG acquired its first fee owned land to protect the aquifer supplying both Freedom and Effingham. GMCG’s first conservation easement came in 2002, when it protected 405 acres including Mt. Katherine in Wonalancet. Since then it has added an average of 156 acres per year under protection through conservation easements and another 22 acres per year in fee owned lands. GMCG has also supported other groups in the area in their efforts to conserve land.

Fee Ownership

#12001Green Mountain Natural Area41 Acres
#22006Thomas Carpenter Preserve147 Acres
#32007Huntress Bridge 10 Acres
#42013Phillips Brook Wetland Preserve102 Acres
#52015Heron House on the Ossipee River (Headquarters)4 Acres

Collaborative Projects

#12001The Leavitt Plantation8,647 Acres
#22005Trout Pond - Freedom Forest2,600 Acres
#32008Window to the Ossipee Mountains26.6 Acres

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