GMCG has always been dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Ossipee Watershed through research, education, advocacy, and land conservation (R.E.A.L). In addition, part of our awareness of water quality issues in the Ossipee Watershed comes from concerned homeowners that report these issues to GMCG. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot respond to every water quality concern or other environmental issues that are reported to us. We expect to receive more frequent reports of water quality issues in the near future due to our changing climate and landscape. With this in mind, we have created a reference page of helpful information and links to report a problem or learn more about what you can do.

Information on Algae/Cyanobacteria Blooms & Reporting a Bloom

NHDES Water Quality Monitoring Program

Report a Violation

Beach Advisories

New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
Patrick Hackley, State Forester
Tel: (603) 271-2214

If your questions or concerns are not answered by the information linked above, your local Conservation Commission may be able to help:

Eaton Conservation Commission

Effingham Conservation Commission

Freedom Conservation Commission

Madison Conservation Commission

Ossipee Conservation Commission

Tamworth Conservation Commission