PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) Resources

GMCG is committed to protecting water resources in the Ossipee Watershed. PFAS are an emerging contaminant, meaning their full impacts on human health are not yet known. While GMCG is not equipped to sample for PFAS, we will continue to stay informed with the latest PFAS information and keep the community updated on how PFAS are affecting our area.

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Interactive Map: NH DES PFAS Sampling in New Hampshire

CBS News article on PFAS

Legislative Update 6/2/2020:

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services contacts for PFAS:

Derek Bennett:
Brandon Kernan:

NHDES sampling is focused on those areas most susceptible to contamination. They primarily target wells that are in close proximity to other wells where exceedances of drinking water standards have already been identified. NHDES will occasionally conduct more general sampling for screening purposes, but do not presently have anything to offer due to time and budget constraints.

Residents are able to request sampling at the link below. NHDES reviews this information and try to incorporate as many requests as possible into our work.

NHDES does recommend private well owners sample for PFAS but acknowledges the cost is prohibitive relative to the traditional contaminants that we recommend be tested. Labs could charge $250-$550 per sample. Many subcontract the work and mark the cost up quite a bit. The cost would be lower if you were to seek bids and deliver the bottles in batches. Analytical has a lot of couriers in the state so shipping could be cheaper with them.


Maine Department of Environmental Protection contacts for PFAS:

Chris Evans:

Amy Lachance:

Maine does not recommend private well owners sample for PFAS due to complexities. Maine does offer reimbursement for sampling of wells near lands that where sludge was spread. Watch “Ask the I-Team: Is there an at-home test to detect PFAS in Maine water?here.

Local PFAS Issues

Tamworth Receptor Survey Plan:

Spring 2019 Sampling Results for Tamworth Receptor Survey:

Spring 2019 Sampling Results for Effingham Receptor Survey:

GMCG PFAS Workshop Nov. 21, 2019 at Runnells Hall Chocorua, NH
View PowerPoint presentation by Branden Kernen (DES): Kernen_GM
View PowerPoint presentation by Shaina Kasper (Toxics Action Vermont): PFAS presentation 11_21_2019
Watch a video of the presentations here:

State Info on PFAS:

Tamworth letter from NHDES

Effingham letter from NHDES

Stakeholder presentation that most clearly lays out what should happen if PFAS are detected

NHPR reporting on CDC recommendations June 2018.

New 2019 Ambient Groundwater Quality Standards (AGQS) for PFAS:

NHDES Guidance for Waste Sites FAQ

New Hampshire DES PFAS Investigation website
Links to testing private wells in certain areas of southern NH for PFAS. Testing seems only for specific area of interest surrounding superfund site.

Judge bars NH from enforcing tougher PFAS water standards

N.H.’s New PFAS Limits Face Swift Lawsuit From Local Water Handlers, 3M:

N.H. Sues Makers of PFAS Chemicals for Drinking Water Contamination

Federal Info on PFAS:

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

Health Advisories from EPA

EPA Technical Science Fact sheet
8 pages including several pages of further resources from the EPA

Clinical Fact Sheet
8 pages describing human health impacts for clinicians to use with patients from ASTDR

Quick Fact Sheet

Drinking water fact sheet:
8 pages, from 2016

PFAS Assessment & Mitigation:

More PFAS info:

PFOA Contamination
Editorial in Environmental Health about the delayed detection, dissemination of PFAS

News from contamination cases in VT
Sources from Bennington College:

PFAS-Free Products – PFAS Central

This map created by Northeastern University’s FPAS Project Lab