The Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) consists of a network of volunteers that assist the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) with lake sampling in order to assess water quality. GMCG leads efforts in the Lake Ossipee system during the summer and submits data to NHDES. Regular testing of our lake systems provides a baseline of chemical and biological parameters that allows early detection of changes in water quality and potential problems.

More information about VLAP, including annual lake reports, is available on the NHDES VLAP website.

Lakes that participate in VLAP can have their data found on NH DES’ new interactive map.

Simply click on your lake of interest and any data, current and historical, stored at NHDES will automatically pop up in a window. How to read the VLAP Report.

Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (UNH)

The Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (LLMP) is administered jointly through the UNH Cooperative Extension Natural Resources Program Team and the Center for Freshwater Biology at the University of New Hampshire. The LLMP provides valuable data on the lakes of New Hampshire, broad community service, local empowerment and a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and employment for students.

GMCG currently monitors 4 lakes as part of the LLMP: Round Pond, Loon Lake, and Middle Danforth Pond in Freedom, and White Lake in Ossipee. If you are interested in having your lake monitored by the LLMP, visit their website at

Loon Lake (Town of Freedom) Water Quality Highlight Report 2023

Round Pond (Town of Freedom) Water Quality Highlight Report 2022

White Pond (Town of Ossipee) Water Quality Highlight Report 2023

Middle Danforth (Town of Freedom) Water Quality Highlight Report 2023