Published On: July 21st, 2017

Monday Memories 

Post 8,  June 19, 2017

 Hello All:

“1999 was full advocacy but also new work on natural resource based planning in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension”
usgs map1999 was a year of many advocacy campaigns. It also was the start of a partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension on natural resource based planning and the new GIS mapping for communities. Amanda Stone, Phil Auger, Peter Pohl, Dan Sundquist and many others led workshops with GMCG for town conservation commissions, planning boards, and selectmen meetings. They introduced the concept of natural resource based planning and taught us all how to use the new GIS Mapping techniques to plan for our growth by incorporating knowledge about important natural resources. For nearly two years, starting in 1999, GMCG visited municipal board meetings weekly to share information and to listen to residents about what natural resources they were interested in seeing protected in their towns. The outcome was a series of natural resource maps donated by UNH Cooperative Extension and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and many natural resource books for town libraries including things such as “Good Forestry in the Granite State” and others.
Click Here to access a wide array of natural resources maps of the Ossipee Watershed
In celebration of Green Mountain Conservation Group’s 20th Birthday (May 1, 1997-May 1 2017) we will be posting Memories on Mondays in May through September on the GMCG Facebook page and on our website  If you would like to be part of this journey please “like” Green Mountain Conservation Group on our Facebook page. We are trying to raise funds for our new home—-The Patricia and Charles Watts Conservation Center also known as the Blue Heron House on the Ossipee River and expansion of staff needed to run our programs. We are doing this online through this campaign by asking you to consider a gift of $20 in honor of our 20th Birthday. Do you have a connection to the Ossipee Watershed? Did you know a former staff person or Board member over the past 20 years who you would like to honor? Can you also invite your own friends and families who have connections to this Watershed or a specific person and ask for a contribution too? Please feel free to forward our posts and information. THANK YOU.

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