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Aquifer Crankie Painting Project with Chocorua Lake Conservancy at Cook
Memorial Library 

Saturday, February 18, 2022
1-4 p.m.

Join GMCG, Cook Memorial Library, Chocorua Lake Conservancy, and Yeoman’s Fund for the Arts at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth on Saturday, February 18, from 1-4 p.m. for the creation of the Ossipee Aquifer Crankie! A crankie is a long scroll of images that gets rolled up and shown like a movie.

Crankies, called panoramas in the 19th century when they were all the rage, are an early form of moving picture. Bring your creativity and love for water—no other experience necessary. Together we will create a beautiful, educational crankie depicting the Ossipee Aquifer—what it is, what it means to be a stratified drift aquifer, how the waters of the aquifer are connected to our lakes and rivers and the water that flows from our faucets, and why this kind of aquifer is particularly vulnerable to contamination. The crankie will be filmed and available as a learning tool for understanding the Ossipee Aquifer, source of much of the drinking water in this region and more. To register visit http://bit.ly/crankie-021823