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GMCG is happy to announce the fourth annual, 2023 “Wonders of Water” (WOW) community art exhibition happening this August and into the fall as an online show and traveling banner, viewable at GMCG and your local library. This year GMCG is switching up the WOW format! GMCG welcomes artists of all ages and inclinations to explore the meaning of water through the medium of photography. Submissions will be accepted through Tuesday August 1, 2023. Submissions must be made through email. Send a digital file of your artwork to info@gmcg.org. No files over 10 megabits in size will be accepted. Submissions are limited to just one photograph, so pick your best! Photographs must contain fresh water and be located within the state of New Hampshire or Maine. In the email include your name, title of your photograph, location or site description, and anything else you would like the viewer to know about how captured the photograph and what it means to you. Completing a submission does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition. Selected photographers will be notified of their acceptance by August 11.

For more information about WOW and to view past galleries online visit HERE.