GMCG FY22 Financial Overview

Dear GMCG Friends and Supporters,

We invite you to click on the links below for details on GMCG’s fiscal year 2022 financial activity and year-end financial standing. While we did not achieve all of our revenue goals, 2022 was a good year. As our balance sheet conveys, the organization is anchored by significant debt-free real estate in addition to our fee-owned conservation lands.

Every year we finance our general operations using an array of funding sources, with your donations the largest single source of revenue. Private foundation support is critical as well, followed by a strong mix of support from municipalities, local businesses, special events and water quality monitoring contracts. Looking ahead, one of the highest priorities for the Board and Development Committee is to grow each of these revenues streams so that instead of tapping the previous year’s surplus we can build a long-term cash reserve.

Thank you for your interest in these details. Should you have any questions about the financial statements or these pie chart illustrations, please contact me at 603-539-1859 or


Matt Howe, Executive Director

GMCG FY22 Balance Sheet (pre-audit)

GMCG FY22 Statement of Profit & Loss (pre-audit)