The purpose of this Guide is to provide town officials and planners in the Ossipee Watershed with:

  • An enduring reference document in which local experts explain in layman’s terms the basic science and ecological value of our natural resources
  • An understanding that these resources cross town boundaries and can most effectively be protected by shared stewardship
  • A reference source for sample ordinances that can be used to protect natural resources in a sustainable way while balancing the needs for economic growth and development, and comprehensive planning recommendations that town officials can use to guide the implementation of methods to best safeguard shared natural resources.

In an effort to offer municipal officials and residents guidelines for natural resource protection, the Green
Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) met with representative officials and citizens from each of the six
watershed towns of Effingham, Freedom, Madison, Ossipee, Sandwich and Tamworth to establish the
Ossipee Watershed Coalition (OWC). GMCG also contracted with professional planner, Steve Whitman
of Jeffrey H. Taylor and Associates, to help: conduct a community survey; facilitate community meetings;
and provide guidance and expertise on the drafting of the Guide. based on conserving shared natural resources.

It is the OWC’s goal to work with stakeholders in the six watershed towns to develop a common vision for sustainable development to guide growth and preserve shared natural resources. The objective is to foster collaborative planning which balances economic needs with ecological concerns and assists towns in maintaining the viability of shared natural resources through complementary actions in neighboring towns.

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