Published On: March 28th, 2024

Big Night & Salamander Crossing Brigade

Big Night comes once, sometimes twice, each spring, or can occur as several medium or smaller nights. It’s the magical moment when the temperature and humidity are just right, and spotted salamanders, wood frogs, and other amphibians migrate from wherever they wintered to nearby vernal pools and wetlands where they will breed. This often happens in April, but could occur in March or early May. When their migration involves crossing a road, we can help them cross safely!

Chocorua Lake Conservancy and Green Mountain Conservation Group are assembling a team for a Big Night Salamander Crossing Brigade and data collection in the Chocorua Lake Basin. While the program for this year is full, we encourage anyone interested to learn more about this phenomenon below, and monitor crossings near their home so that they aren’t driving long distances on a night when amphibians are on the move.

FMI and important information on how to stay safe if you are monitoring a site near you, visit: