Published On: April 5th, 2023

Tamworth voters approve Groundwater Protection Ordinance

GMCG is pleased to announce that on March 28th voters in Tamworth resoundingly approved a Groundwater Protection Ordinance, with 231 in favor and 43 against. Tamworth becomes the 111th New Hampshire town to pass such an ordinance to enhance protection of critical drinking water resources. Back in 2011 a similar measure did not pass, but efforts to educate the community about the importance of drinking water protection continued. In 2021, the Tamworth Planning Board, in collaboration with the Tamworth Conservation Commission, formed a Groundwater Protection Ordinance Committee that sought input from individuals and businesses, listened to their concerns, and made modifications to the draft ordinance based on input received at three public hearings held last fall. Thanks to the grassroots work of many Tamworth residents, there are now reasonable safeguards to ensure that Tamworth’s future citizens will have access to clean, safe drinking water. Congratulations, Tamworth!

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Tamworth Groundwater Protection Ordinance Summary

Tamworth GPO FAQS 01.02.23

Groundwater Protection Ordinance- For Adoption on March 28 2023

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