Published On: April 9th, 2020

Welcome to GMCG’s virtual celebration of Earth Day’s 50th birthday! The following videos were created by GMCG staff and volunteers in honor of Earth Day and to support remote learning.

Earth Day 2020 Activities:

1. The Giving Tree 
2. Upcycled Stained Glass Candle Holders
3. Apple and Oak Seed Planting
4. Upcycled T-Shirt Bags
5. Nature printmaking with Blair Folts 
6. How to Nature Journal
7. 10 Peaceful Minutes: 10 RIVERS Test Sites

Experimentation Station:

1. Create a model water cycle inside a bottle
2. Create a water xylophone 
3. Explore lake stratification in a jar
4. Fresh water vs salt water: What floats?
5. Create fireworks in a jar! 
6. Dissolving Seashells 
7. Using cabbage to explore pH

Backyard Exploration:

1. Vernal Pool Exploration 
2. The Pitcher Plant
3. Forsythia Bushes with Karen Payne
4. Stumping and Logging with Karen Payne, part 1
5. Stumping and Logging with Karen Payne, part 2 
6. Salamanders in the Ossipee Watershed 
7. Nurse Logs
8. Stream crossings

Trout in the Classroom:

1. Tank Q & A
2. Trout Release

Remote Learning with GMCG:

The following activities are designed to encourage nature discovery in the home and backyard. To get inspired we encourage you to first check out GMCG’s YouTube videos listed above that correspond to the below activities. Come back here and click the following to links to view or download the activity instruction sheet, then head outside!

Backyard Nature Scavenger Hunt for small children
Backyard Nature Bingo
Nurse Log Journey
Using Your Senses Poem
Vernal Pool Documentation